About Community 5

This is where you include a brief overview of this community. What are it’s best characteristics? What type of homeowner would feel most comfortable here? This may be the only paragraph read on this page, so it needs to summarize the benefits of this community succinctly.

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Many IDX providers allow you to create saved searches to link to. This can be for homes based on price range or property characteristics.


Are the schools in this area known for anything? Academic or athletic excellence? Link to school scores, school district websites or national education sites like or

Dining and Shopping

Is there great shopping in the area? Grocery stores close by? How about local coffee shops or tasty restaurants to dine at? Share a few to both describe the community and show your knowledge of the area.


What is the nightlife like? Share movie theaters, live music venues, nightclubs and other sources of entertainment.

Parks and Recreation

Are there parks, golf courses, running trails or other outdoor activities that make living in this community even better? Local fitness centers could also be mentioned here. Be sure to link to relevant websites to allow visitors to explore beyond the information you provide.


Is this in a community where many people commute? If so, what are drive times to major freeways? What are the public transportation options? Link to public transit websites to provide commuters more information.
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